Monday, 21 December 2009

Cycling lifestyle | Compression tights and shirt

Hey my names David Merely and I’ve been cross country cycling for around four years now, cycling is by far my number one. I often use compression tights or compression shirt I have competed in around 150 different competitions in the 14 years that I have been doing it train around four times a week. The competitions I enter are all different with different abilities and courses for all, some small, some large. I usually train indoors using my cycling machine, however when I do train out doors on the track and outdoors across country roads I always use compression tights. Cycling to me is very important, in fact it is my life, it allows me to push myself to my personal limits. It also allows me to view many beautiful sites and cities that postcards and photos simply can’t justify. I am hoping to start my own Cycling competition within the next 18 months, which will be aimed at all ages in Herefordshire. Here are some of my tips for cycling, when cycling try to listen to music to keep you going, I have my own personal cycling personal playlist because it is impossible to change what your listening to, however do have the volume at a reasonable volume. If you don’t then whilst cycling you could put yourselves in major danger, by not hearing the cars and roads going by, i would only suggest doing this to the professionally who have been cycling for many years.

Also ensure you keep your body warm, do this by investing in some compression tights, or a compression shirt these will help the flow of blood and oxygen around your body. Compression tights have been statistically reviewed and they have found that it helps cycling endurance by 10 percent that could be the extra mile you need to win the cycling competition. Also try to cycle every day, whether it is for 5 minutes or five hours, keeping confident in your ability to cycle will help you to become a better cyclist. It will help you to have perfect balance (this can be very important). Also do try to take breaks from cycling and don’t overwork yourself, if your body can’t handle it you may do yourself some damage physically. With cycling you should slowly get into doing as much as possible, but start by doing a small bit, pushing yourself each time. Take it one step at a time, and also remember to enjoy what you love doing most...!